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Bubble Experiment ~ Mr. Winkeler's Class

  Mr. Winkeler's Fourth Grade Class Mr. Winkeler's class has been learning about the scientific method.  They recently did an experiment using bubble gum to help learn the steps.  The goal of the experiment was to see which type of gum made the largest bubbles. Bubble Experiment The class had to make observations, form a hypothesis, collect data during the experiment, and share their results at the end.  The students did very well and were able to make suggestions . . . read more

Elementary POP Award Winners ~ November 2015

We are very proud to have Terence representing Mrs. Petty's class as the November POP winner. Terence has made great improvements since the start of the year.  He is a positive student who always wears a happy face.  He is Outgoing and displays great character in friendliness towards students and staff at Belle Valley. He comes prepared and ready to learn every day.  Terence is a joy to have in class. Mrs. . . . read more

Middle School POP Award Winners ~ November 2015

Alexis has been nominated by the 5 th grade teachers to be November’s Person of Pride.  Alexis is a wonderfully, well-rounded student.  She sets a great example for all of the students in her class by always trying her best and giving 100% effort in her work.  Other students look up to her and value her opinions and help.  Alexis walks in to school every day with a smile and is always ready to work.  She is always willing to lend a helping hand to her . . . read more


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