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October Person of Pride - Elementary

Donovan S was selected Person of Pride from Mrs. Brokering's classroom.  Donovan has exhibited wonderful PRIDE behavior.  He has worked hard to earn this honor and is very deserving of this award.  He works hard and has respect for his teachers and himself.  Donovan pays attention in class and tries his best in his school work.
Marla M. was selected as Person of Pride Mrs. Gallo's classroom.  Marla is a hard worker in the classroom and always has her homework.  She is very good at helping others.  Marla is a joy to have in class.
DayShaun H. was selected as Person of Pride in Mrs. Lauko's classroom.  DayShaun is determined.  He demonstrates much enthusiasm about school and he assumes responsibility for making good choices.  He has an excellent rapport with his friends and staff members.  DayShaun displays great PRIDE skills on a daily basis!
Nick B. was selected as Person of Pride in Mrs. Chandler's classroom.  From the moment Nick walked into our classroom he has been a super star student!  He always focuses on his learning, is friendly to all our classmates and always tries his best.  He has been making good choices every day and he is a great role-model for the other students in our classroom.  Thank you Nick!
Zach B. was selected as Person of Pride in Mrs. Haare's classroom.  Zach is always a good friend to others. He displays pride by explaining rules to others when he sees them making poor choices. He always follows directions quickly and shows responsibility by always bringing his homework.
Alexis B. was selected as Person of Pride in Mrs. Colliflower's classroom.  In addition to being an excellent student, honest, and responsible, Alexis is respectful of all others and exhibits these qualities every day.  I am ecstatic to have Alexis this school year!
Amelia B. was selected as Person of Pride in Mrs. Blair's classroom.  Amelia is an outstanding 3rd grade student!  She shows pride in her school by participating in class dress-up days, such as wearing red, white and blue on September 11th, as well as pride in her work by always giving 110%!  Amelia is respectful to her classmates, as well as teachers, and is an extremely bright young lady!  Amelia does not want to disappoint anyone and takes friendships to heart!  I am proud to have Amelia in my 3rd grade class!
LoRon G. was selected as Person of Pride in Mrs. Myers classroom. LoRon is delightful. I can always count on him to be setting a wonderful example for all to see. His strong determination is observed in the practice he put into his weekly spelling words. His enthusiasm for learning is contagious!  He has requested to take one of my reading books home, but shows his responsibility for returning it the next day. LoRon is a young man with integrity.  He still acts the same when no one is looking. I'm blessed to have him in my class.



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