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December POP Award Winners Elementary School

Elementary POP Award Winners






We are extremely proud to have Deja represent Mrs. Zeiter's Kindergarten as our person of pride.  We have been learning about good character in class and Deja is a shining example.  She is polite, caring and helpful.  Her determination to succeed shows in her hard work daily.  She is a leading example of what one must do to cooperate and make a classroom a learning community!  Keep up the great work Deja!



Mrs. Kunz’s Class is excited to announce Darius as our Person of Pride!  Darius should be proud of his self-motivation.  Darius shows responsibility in the classroom by completing all homework assignments and class work which demonstrates his hard work ethic.   His integrity shows through his actions toward others.  Darius is so helpful to all and is friendly to everyone.  He is an honest team player who is a positive role model.  Never would we see Darius give up.  He is determined to do his best work and make the best choices.  Darius is always cooperative and participates in all activities with a smile!  We are so proud to have Darius as our “POP” star for kindergarten in December!





First Grade

Wes is a new student to Belle Valley that has fit right in and made our class better!  He made friends instantly because of his kind personality and the way he treats others.  He has been such a good example to others by ALWAYS following the rules and listening to his teachers.  Great Job Wes!






First Grade

Not Pictured

Zoe is a very sweet and genuine person with a contagious smile on her face at all times!  She cares about others and respects her classmates and teachers.  She tries very hard in the classroom to be her best and always has a positive attitude. 

Second Grade

Alicia is the POP winner from 2H.  Alicia is a wonderful example of a person with pride, respect, determination, and integrity.  I can always count on her to help out a friend.  One of the qualities I love most about Alicia is her common sense, and the way she can find a "bright side" to everything!  Her happy smile and sense of humor truly help make our classroom a pleasant place to be.  Alicia, congratulations and thank you for being a constant ray of sunshine at Belle Valley! 




Second Grade

Felisa is a wonderful young lady! She is very friendly and helpful to all of her classmates. Felisa brightens up any room when she enters and her laugh is contagious. She demonstrates all the components of PRIDE both in academics and in character. Way to go, Felisa! Keep up the good work! You are awesome!





Third Grade

Jeremiah is one of 3rd grades’ choices to receive a POP award.  Jeremiah is a wonderful example of a person of P.R.I.D.E.   He comes to school every day ready and eager to learn.  He is quick to lend a helping hand when he sees a student or teacher who needs it.  Being friendly and showing empathy are other wonderful characteristics Jeremiah possess.  He is a well-rounded student with lots to offer any classroom he’s part of.  Thanks Jeremiah!!!!

Fourth Grade

Trinity is an extremely hard worker.  She always has homework finished on time and makes great use of her time in school.  She prepares for tests and always gives 100%.  Trinity is also very friendly and caring to everyone in the room.





Fourth Grade

Hannah is a model student in the class.  She has outstanding behavior and does a great job at following all the classroom and school rules.  She comes into class every day with a pleasant attitude and is ready to learn.





This month’s winner is Jayla.  Jayla is always willing to help her friends and teachers out.  She works hard in the classroom and does not get frustrated.  Jayla has a smile on her face at all times.

We Are






This month’s winner is Zariah.  Zariah volunteers to take the lunch boxes down every day.  She is the first to offer to help her friends.  She is self-reliant and works hard in the classroom.


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