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February '14 POP Award Winners Elementary

POP Award Winners
Kindergarten   Kindergarten

Mrs. Kunz’s Class is excited to announce Baileigh as our Person of Pride!Baileigh should be proud of her self-motivation.Baileigh shows responsibility in the classroom by completing all homework assignments and class work which demonstrates her hard work ethic.Her integrity shows through her actions toward others.Baileigh is so helpful to all and is friendly to everyone.She is a honest team player who is a positive role model.Never would we see Baileigh give up.She is determined to do her best work and make the best choices.Baileigh is always cooperative and participates in all activities with a smile!We are so proud to have lovely Baileigh as our “POP” star for kindergarten in February!

February 2014 




Kaidon shows pride in his work by always doing his best. He brings back his homework and has his materials ready when class begins. He shows integrity by being honest and showing fairness when working with his peers. Kaidon shows determination when learning new skills that are difficult. He does not give up, he keeps trying. He is always excited to learn and be at school.


First Grade



First Grade

Keon displays all of the characteristics that a Person Of Pride should have. He shows pride, responsibility, integrity, determination, and enthusiasm in everything he does. This is Keon’s first year at Belle Valley and he has made our class, grade level, and school an even better place to be! He ALWAYS sets a perfect example for the other students. His kind attitude and genuine personality make him an excellent friend and a wonderful student. Way to go, Keon!



Dayshaun is our POP award winner for February. He is in the 3rd grade. Dayshaun goes out of his way to help others. He is a hard worker in the classroom. Way to go Dayshaun!!!

MacKenzie is a wonderful example of a Person Of Pride. In the classroom she tries her best and is always willing to help others. MacKenzie’s positive attitude is definitely something that rubs off on the other students. She always has a smile on her face! You can’t help but feel happier when she is around. We are so lucky to have her as a part of the Belle Valley family. Great job, MacKenzie!


Second Grade



Second Grade

The winner from my room is Bella. Bella always has her work done on time. She works hard and has improved her reading this year. She is an all-around excellent student.






Zachary is Team Horton's POP award winner for February!  Zach shows up at school every day ready to work, and always puts forth his best effort.  We can count on Zach to be honest, kind, helpful, and pleasant.  He is a great team member!  Way to go, Zach!  We appreciate you!


Third Grade


Third Grade

I am so excited to nominate Jada from Mrs. Carter’s third grade class as a POP winner this month.  From the beginning of the year Jada has shown many positive character traits.  She is respectful to her teachers and peers.  Jada has perseverance.  She ALWAYS gives 100% effort in everything she does. She never gives up and works until she reaches her goal. Jada is honest and can be trusted.  She has many friends because she treats other people with kindness and is helpful.  I am so proud of Jada!  All her hard work has made her the wonderful person we see today.

Quincy Cotton as a 3rd grade February pop winner. Quincy displays all the necessary pride characteristics to make him an outstanding student. He is always willing to help a friend or adult in need. He is a great role model in the classroom; he is eager to learn new things and will try until he succeeds at everything.


Fourth Grade



Fourth Grade

Congratulations to Fayth for being selected as a POP winner.  Fayth is a very conscientious student.  She takes pride in her school work and goes above and beyond.  Fayth always gives her best effort in whatever task is at hand.  One excellent trait that Fayth displays is her desire to include others. She always wants others around her to feel welcome and comfortable.  Congratulations Fayth!!!


Congratulations to Russell for being selected as a POP winner.  Russell has worked hard to become a very good student.  He likes to participate in class and adds to the classroom with environment with many insightful comments, especially during science class.  Russell is a kind hearted young man who tries to help others and make others feel included.  Congratulations Russell!!!








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