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May '14 POP Award Winners Elementary

May '14 POP Award Winners - Elementary

I am very proud to have Ryan representing our Person of Pride for Mrs. Zeiter’s kindergarten.  If you see Ryan in the halls, he is one that is always peace walking and following our rules.  In the class he is quiet and hard working.  On the playground, Ryan does not have conflict with others and is polite to his classmates.  Ryan is an all-around wonderful young man and displays this daily.  

Mrs. Kunz’s Class is excited to announce Cole as our Person of Pride!  Cole should be proud of his self-motivation.  Cole is a great friend to everyone which makes him a very popular member of our class!  Cole shows responsibility in the classroom by completing all homework assignments and class work which demonstrates his hard work ethic.   His integrity shows through in his actions toward others.  Cole is so helpful to all.  He is a honest team player who is a positive roll model.  Never would we see Cole give up.  He is determined to do his best work and make the best choices.  Cole is always cooperative and participates in all activities with a smile!  We are so proud to have Cole as our “POP” star for kindergarten in May!

First Grade

Damoni is the type of student every teacher dreams of.  He is intelligent, tries very hard in the classroom, and thinks outside of the box.  You can tell he really enjoys learning new things.  He is also a kind person to teachers and fellow students.  One of his best traits is his personality.  He is a very funny guy and the type of person who will cheer you up when you are down.  He is a perfect example of PRIDE!

Princess is definitely a Person of Pride! She sets a wonderful example for the students in our class. Princess is a kind and caring student who can put a smile on anyone’s face. She always tries her best and is a good friend to others. We are so lucky to have Princess in our class!

Second Grade

Tyler is the Class 2-C POP winner for May.She is an exceptional student and excels in all of her subjects.Tyler is an exceptional person, who completely exemplifies the characteristics of PRIDE.She is also very compassionate, fair, and a great friend to all.I am so lucky to have Tyler in my class this year, my last year at Belle Valley School.Thank you, Tyler, for helping to make my year so enjoyable!

Shawn is an excellent second grader.  He always has a positive attitude and comes to school prepared to work.  He takes his time and always does his best.  He is kind and helpful.  Shawn is always willing to help out his classmates.  Shawn sets a wonderful example for everyone in the class.

Third Grade

Everyone that meets Amaya would agree that she is friendly, polite, and respectful. Amaya always goes the extra mile to show that she cares about her education, her teachers, and her peers.  She is responsible and hard working.  She is loving and kind.  Her actions and words always reflect the feelings of others. Amaya is a role model to her peers. Way to go, Amaya!!

Brooke is a very hardworking student and continues to challenge herself in the classroom. She did an awesome job on the ISAT test and really took her time to ensure she did well. Brooke turns all her assignments in on time and can be counted on to do the right thing. This has been a great couple of quarters for Brooke and I believe she will continue to excel in the future. Great job Brooke!

Fourth Grade Elementary

Kendal is so short and quiet that you might overlook her (or you might mistake her for her twin sister, Kennedy). However, you would miss getting to know one of our great Belle Valley students. Kendal has all the traits of a Person of Pride (POP)—pride, responsibility, integrity, determination, and enthusiasm. In addition, she is careful and neat in her schoolwork, plays in the 4th grade band, and works well with her classmates. She is a great addition to our classroom and to our school.

Bryiea is my Person of Pride winner for the month of May.  Bryiea has been working very hard in class and has improved a great deal.  Her enthusiasm to learn should be caught by others.  She takes much pride and puts effort into every assignment she completes.  She makes a great choice for May's POP winner.




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