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October POP Award Winners - Elementary School

Emma Kindergarten


October POP Winners

RaNiyah 1st Grade

Emma is an excellent example for our kindergarten students.  She shows respect to teachers and students alike.  She is responsible for her school work and her actions.  She is caring, truthful, and always polite.  Thank you Emma for showing us such wonderful character traits. She truly deserves the POP award!  

Ra'Niyah makes great choices in the class room and in the hallway. She does a nice job following directions the first time given and is a good friend to others.  She is the first person to volunteer to help her teacher, her friends and other teachers. She makes great choices when there aren’t any adults around too. She is a leader.

Gaige 2nd Grade

Aumaurian 2nd Grade

Meghan 3rd Grade

Gaige has displayed great POP characteristics!  He has worked very hard so far this year and has displayed great integrity, determination, pride, enthusiasm, and respect.  He takes pride, determination, and enthusiasm in his work and has great integrity when it comes to morals.  He has been very respectful and willing to do what staff has asked him to do.  Hats off to Gaige for being this month’s POP award winner.  Way to go Gaige!

AuMaurion is an awesome young man and a pleasure to have in class! He is friendly, helpful, and always has a great attitude. He displays all the qualities of PRIDE. I am honored to be his 2nd grade teacher. Congratulations, AuMaurion! You are AWESOME!!!

Meghan displays all the pride characteristics necessary to be recognized as an outstanding student. She always is a very hard worker! Meghan will try and try until she succeeds, she never gives up! Meghan is willing to lend a helping hand whenever she notices someone in need! Last, but certainly not least, Meghan comes in everyday with a smile on her face!

Delaney 4th Grade

We Are Proud

of You! 


Congratulations to Delaney for being chosen as 4th grades Person of Pride.  Delaney is a delightful and respectful young lady who always strives to do her best.  Laney is an avid video game player, whose favorite game is Mind Craft.  One of Laney's best attributes is she attempts to help out others and if she sees someone who is not treating another person very well she will interact with them to try helping them to get along.  Great Job Laney and keep up the good work!!!


Ganyia is an awesome second grader.  She arrives every morning with a positive attitude and is ready to work.  She likes participating in a variety of classroom activities.  She is always willing to help her classmates.   Ganyia encourages those around her and always puts forth her best effort.  Way to go, Ganyia!



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