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POP Award Winners ~ Elementary ~ December 2014

We are proud of you, yes we are proud of you!



Kenny shows pride in his work by always doing his best. He brings back his homework and has his materials ready when class begins. He shows integrity by being honest and showing fairness when working with his peers. Kenny shows determination when learning new skills that are difficult.  He does not give up, he keeps trying. He is always excited to learn and be at school.

POP Award Winners ~ December 2014

James is an amazing student!  Not only does he work hard on his school work, he also works hard at his friendships.  James is one of the most caring students I have ever met.  I am excited to see what great things James will do this year.

POP Award Winners ~ December 2014

First Grade

I would like to announce Aliana as my Person of Pride for the month of December. She is a wonderful student who works hard on all of her assignments and she never gives up. She is very helpful towards other students and to all her teachers. She stands out for her strong leadership and her drive to do what’s right! Great Job Alaina!

POP Award Winners ~ December 2014

Kaidon is a great student in and out of the classroom. He is always following directions, working hard on all of his classwork, and he loves helping students and teachers when needed. Kaidon is a very honest and trustworthy student. Keep up the great work!

POP Award Winners ~ December 2014

Second Grade

I am nominating Lili for a POP Award for December. She has done a fantastic job all year and is one of the most self-motivated students I have ever seen. She shows leadership skills and is extremely responsible.

POP Award Winners ~ December 2014

Willow is an outstanding second grader!  She arrives every morning with a positive attitude and comes to school prepared to work.  She likes participating in a variety of classroom activities.  Willow is kind and helpful and always willing to help her classmates and teacher.  She encourages others and always puts forth her best effort.  Willow sets a wonderful example for everyone in class!

POP Award Winners ~ December 2014

Third Grade

It gives me great pleasure to nominate Taryn for the December Pop Award. This is Taryn's first year at Belle Valley and she has already shown herself to have great character. She is an extremely hard worker and always tries her best. She is always looking for ways to improve. She has been a leader in the classroom and a proud member of the Girls on the Run. Taryn always has a positive attitude and is willing to help others. She has been a wonderful addition to the Belle Valley family! Congrats Taryn!

POP Award Winners ~ December 2014

Fourth Grade

Nicolas is a responsible young boy.  He shows pride in his work and always gets it turned in on time.  Nicolas actively participates in class and is willing to help whenever asked.  Nicolas is a good role model for PRIDE.  Congratulations Nicolas!


Alivia shows PRIDE every day at school.  She always gets her assignments done and turned in on time.  Alivia is a responsible young girl and is always quick to help others in need.  Alivia is a leader and others can learn a lot from observing her actions.  Congratulations Alivia!

POP Award Winners ~ December 2014



Mrs. Gallo would like to announce Gregory as her 4th grade POP winner for December.  Gregory is a very kind young man who is always willing to help others.  His homework is always done neatly.  Gregory is a hard worker.  He is a joy to have in class! 

POP Award Winners ~ December 2014



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