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Elementary School POP Award Winners ~ October 2016

Elementary School  
POP Award Winners 2016

Alonzo is always kind and respectful to his teachers. He is willing and eager to learn each day and does his absolute best in class! Way to go, Alonzo!

Kiylah has started the year off great!  She is turning in her homework and working hard in class.  Kiylah is always ready to help her classmates and teachers. Good Job Kiylah!!

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Morgan is a great role model who shows us the 3 big ideas every day.  She is responsible, respectful to teachers and friends, and always ready as well as excited to learn. We are so proud of you Morgan!

Hannah is responsible and respectful to all of her friends.  She is ready to learn with all of her materials every day.  She always tries her best and helps others.  Hannah is a great role model for our classroom.

Thank you!

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First Grade

Lily is a delight to have in class! She is always doing this right thing. She is respectful to others and willing to lend a helping hand whenever needed. Keep up the great work!

We are proud of  you!!!

Inserted Image You are the best of the best!
Second Grade Third Grade

Sebastian is always following the 3 R's. He shows he is respectful by being polite to any adult around the building. He shows responsibility by always returning his homework and if you walk into our classroom you can tell he is ready to learn because his eyes are always on the teacher and he is listening

Baileigh consistently shows all of the 3 big ideas in her words and her actions.  More specifically, she turns in her work on time, has her materials ready to go each and every day, is respectful towards her classmates, and follows directions quickly. She is a role model for others.

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Fourth Grade

Jeremy demonstrates the characteristics of a Person of Pride.




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