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Carey Chandler	Carey Chandler cchandler@bv119.net Webpage
Jennifer Kazmierczak	Jennifer Kazmierczak jkazmierczak@bv119.net Webpage
Lana Kunz	Lana Kunz lkunz@bv119.net Webpage
Lori Zeiter	Lori Zeiter lzeiter@bv119.net Webpage
Alicia Augustine Alicia Augustine aaugustine@bv119.net Webpage

 1st Grade

Heather Haare	Heather Haare hhaare@bv119.net Webpage
Susan Bohnenstiehl	Susan Bohnenstiehl sbohnenstiehl@bv119.net Webpage
Brett Hinnen	Brett Hinnen bhinnen@bv119.net Webpage
Mallory Roberts	Mallory Roberts mroberts@bv119.net Webpage
Kara Freimuth Kara Freimuth kfreimuth@bv119.net Webpage

 2nd Grade

Julie Gulley Julie Gulley jgulley@bv119.net Webpage

Kellie Kostrubala

Kellie Kostrubala kkostrubala@bv119.net Webpage
Sonia Arnold	Sonia Arnold sarnold@bv119.net Webpage
Traci Horton Traci Horton thorton@bv119.net Webpage
Yvonne Barker	Yvonne Barker ybarker@bv119.net Webpage

 3rd Grade

Shauna Blair	Shauna Blair sblair@bv119.net Webpage
Deborah Carter	Deborah Carter debcarter@bv119.net Webpage
Joni Robinson	Joni Robinson jrobinson@bv119.net Webpage

Chrissy Crolly

Chrissy Crolly ccrolly@bv119.net Webpage
Brooke Taylor	Brooke Taylor btaylor@bv119.net Webpage

 4th Grade

Josh Winkeler	Josh Winkeler jwinkeler@bv119.net Webpage
Jennifer Wieseman	Jennifer Wieseman jwieseman@bv119.net Webpage
John Forness	John Forness jforness@bv119.net Webpage
Sara Lambries	Sara Lambries slambries@bv119.net Webpage

Dena Shaw

Dena Shaw dshaw@bv119.net Webpage

Elementary Special Education

MaryLu Arterburn-Hass	MaryLu Arterburn-Hass mla-haa@bv119.net Webpage
Jessica Fagan	Jessica Fagan jfagan@bv119.net Webpage
Marsha Lauko	Marsha Lauko mlauko@bv119.net Webpage
Shannon Petty	Shannon Petty spetty@bv119.net Webpage
Dianne Gallo	Dianne Gallo dgallo@bv119.net Webpage
Ronica Fuentes	Ronica Fuentes rfuentes@bv119.net Webpage

Amanda Moore

Amanda Moore ammoore@bv119.net Webpage
Megan Wilson	Megan Wilson mwilson@bv119.net Webpage
Kayla Donnell	Kayla Donnell kdonnell@bv119.net Webpage
Neeley Beliveau	Neeley Beliveau nbrennan@bv119.net Webpage

 Elementary Special Area

Matt Weiler	Matt Weiler mweiler@bv119.net Webpage



Andrea Cooper acooper@bv119.net Webpage
Jamie Keys	Jamie Keys jkeys@bv119.net Webpage
Mary Ferguson	Mary Ferguson mferguson@bv119.net Webpage
Krystina Kelley	Krystina Kelley kelleykl@bv119.net Webpage



Bella Curtis bcurtis@bv119.net Webpage
Emmy Koonce	Emmy Koonce ekoonce@bv119.net Webpage

5th Grade

Lindsay Adams	Lindsay Adams ladams@bv119.net Webpage
Alex Clark	Alex Clark aclark@bv119.net Webpage
Alycia Obernuefermann	Alycia Obernuefermann tisho@bv119.net Webpage
Becky Stevens	Becky Stevens bstevens@bv119.net Webpage

6th Grade

Julia Ehret	Julia Ehret jehret@bv119.net Webpage
Todd Gleadle	Todd Gleadle tgleadle@bv119.net Webpage

 Emily Leveling

Emily Leveling eleveling@bv119.net Webpage
Nick Spaeth	Nick Spaeth nspaeth@bv119.net Webpage
Todd Volkmar	Todd Volkmar tvolk@bv119.net Webpage

7th Grade

Rhonda Hatridge	Rhonda Hatridge rhatridge@bv119.net Webpage
Amber Kohnz	Amber Kohnz akohnz@bv119.net Webpage
Amy Miller	Amy Miller amiller@bv119.net Webpage
Joshua Strausbaugh	Joshua Strausbaugh jstrausbaugh@bv119.net Webpage

8th Grade

Rebecca Brombolich	Rebecca Brombolich rbrombolich@bv119.net Webpage

Kerri Sierra-Scott

Kerri Sierra-Scott ksscott@bv119.net Webpage
Katie Eells	Katie Eells keells@bv119.net Webpage
Lisa Kowalski	Lisa Kowalski lkowalski@bv119.net Webpage

Middle School Special Education

Megan Bayless	Megan Bayless mbayless@bv119.net Webpage
Trisha Bilhartz	Trisha Bilhartz tbillhartz@bv119.net Webpage
Marge Belt	Marge Belt mbelt@bv119.net Webpage
Kourtne Boose	Kourtne Boose kboose@bv119.net Webpage
Sharon Buschur	Sharon Buschur sbuschur@bv119.net Webpage
Kimberly Howard	Kimberly Howard khoward@bv119.net Webpage
Evon Jackson-Taylor	Evon Jackson-Taylor ejacktay@bv119.net Webpage
Erin Jbour	Erin Jbour ejbour@bv119.net Webpage

Middle School Special Area

Toni Richter	Toni Richter trichter@bv119.net Webpage
Karen Brown	Karen Brown kjbrown@bv119.net Webpage
Sandy Martin	Sandy Martin smartin@bv119.net Webpage
Brandon Musso	Brandon Musso bpmusso@bv119.net Webpage
Jaclyn Weiersmueller	Jaclyn Weiersmueller jweiers@bv119.net Webpage
Jennifer Haas	Jennifer Haas jhaas@bv119.net Webpage



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