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Spelling List and Vocabulary

by Julie Gulley

January 29, 2014


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Spelling B

Week of Feb. 3, 2014


Monitoring Progress Theme 4
1. The polar bear was covered by a load of snow.
2. Will you sing at the party?
3. The wind will blow the boat.
4. In winter it gets cold at the duck farm.
5. Please park on the road.
6. The smart boy sent a letter to thank his uncle for the gifts.
7. The worm likes to think of one thing only – dirt.
8. Dogs can hold most things in their teeth.
9. The red bird likes to bring its lunch to the yard.
10. If you can’t hand the box to Molly, send it to her.
11. A rainbow decorates the department store.
12. My friend is very young, but she can play a grand piano.
13. My goal is to learn five new words today.
1. Disaster: something that causes damage or destruction
2. Earthquake: a shaking of the ground
3. Erupting: bursting out
4. Lava: melted rock that flows from a volcano
5. Pitch: a rise and fall
6. Volcano: an opening in the earth that spews out lava, ash, and hot gases
7. Fossils: plant or animal remains that have changed to stone
8. Packs: groups of animals
9. Prey: an animal hunted by another animal for food
10. Remains: things left behind after something has died
11. Reptiles: cold-blooded animals, such as snakes, turtles, and lizards