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Math In Focus

(Click on each chapter to see a Math Background Video)


Chapter 1: Numbers to 1,000

Chapter 2: Adding up to 1,000

Chapter 3: Subtracting up to 1,000

Chapter 4: Using Bar Models: Addition and Subtraction

Chapter 5: Multiplication and Division

Chapter 6: Multiplication Tables of 2, 5, and 10

Chapter 7: Metric Measurement of Length

Chapter 8: Mass

Chapter 9: Volume



Chapter 10: Mental Math and Estimation

Chapter 11: Money

Chapter 12: Fractions

Chapter 13: Customary Measurement of Length

Chapter 14: Time

Chapter 15: Multiplication Tables of 3 and 4

Chapter 16: Using Bar Models: Multiplication and Division

Chapter 17: Graphs and Line Plots

Chapter 18: Lines and Surfaces

Chapter 19: Shapes and Patterns


Parent Support Videos

Video 1

Learning how to solve Word Problems involving Addition & Subtraction & how you can help


Video 2

Learning Multiplication facts and how you can help


Video 3

What is Mental Math and why is it important?


Video 4

Learning about Fractions and how you can help



Math Basic Facts

Basic Addition and Subtraction facts to 20.

A 50 problem fact test will be given to complete in 5 minutes.

1st-3rd Quarter

40/50 or 80% and above = Yes on the Report Card

4th Quarter

45/50 or 90% and above = Yes on the Report Card